AsSAP-OA Organic Products


Organic products need not be expensive.

In Pangasinan, farmers have organized themselves to make organic products accessible and affordable to consumers.

The Association of Advocates and Practioners in Pangasinan of Organic Agriculture (AsSAP-OA) is composed of associations, cooperatives and non-government organizations that are pushing for availability of naturally grown produce in the market.

The group caters needs for healthy alternatives coming from the grassroots, amid the rising awareness of consumers of the harmful effects of chemicals used by big companies that are mass producing livestock and farm produce.

AsSAP-OA can deliver their products directly to the consumers via LBC. They may also send orders for pickup in identified bus terminals. They may encourage the buyers to actually visit their farms. At present, AsSap-OA is working for its certification from the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP).

To reach AsSAP-OA, you may directly contact Vicky Garcia-Padilla, managing director of Agro-Technical Assistance and Livelihood Opportunities in the North (Agtalon) Inc. Padilla has been active in campaigns promoting pesticide-free crops in Pangasinan.


    • Brown Rice
    • Red Rice
    • Black Rice
    • Wild Honey (from Quezon Province)
    • Crispy Banana Chips (with sesame seeds)
    • Organically Grown Vegetables
    • Organic Pork and Chicken
    • Malunggay Powder
    • Malunggay Ice Cream (sugar-free)
        Nalsian, Manaoag 2430 Pangasinan
        Tel No: (075) 519 4987
        Mobile: 0917 509 0930
        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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