Global Climate Strike

We call on all people to leave their homes, walk out from their schools and take a break from their workplaces to join the Global Climate Strike on September 20th.

Why join the Global Climate Strike?

There is a “Climate Emergency” and we need to act now. Climate scientists said we are almost at a tipping point. The global surface temperature is heating up to a degree that is life threatening to all life forms. It will be difficult to undo the fate of our planet if global carbon emissions hit above 1.5 °C. Thus, even our environmental advocacies cannot be on “just-the-same” and “business as usual” mode. We need to step-up and do more than a hundred fold.

We, from the Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc. (PMPI), a network of civil society organizations, rights groups, peace and faith-based institutions joins other Climate Strikers to demand from government leaders and big businesses, locally and all over the world, to act with urgency and address the enormous ecological crisis we face today.

In a climate emergency context, all peoples and nations should act altogether to avert the catastrophic fate of the earth. Individuals, families and communities should do their share to minimize activities causing the atmosphere to heat-up. However, greater responsibility and accountability should be demanded from those most responsible for global warming - the big corporations and rich countries whose maniacal drive to use fossil fuels, propping-up methane emitting large agribusiness and transport systems for the sake of development, cause the atmosphere to heat-up.

Humankind have done enough harm and injustice not only to its kind, but to the whole congregation of living creatures in the ecosystem. Corporations and governments that hold money and power have caused rapid deterioration of our ecosystems and depletion of resources, without much regard to the other life thriving in these ecosystems. They emit pollutants to the air, bore through the mountains, clear the forests, and drill into the seas in search of “resources”, to produce commodities and products for the convenience of humankind, but which ultimately, failed to deliver the promised better quality of life for people in the world.

Majority of the world’s population remains poor! They are the most vulnerable and at the receiving end of climate change’s most brutal impact. Thus, justice demands that they are given just compensations and enough support to help them withstand the shock of the impact and bounce back to a life that is at least decent.

True, the climate change impact won’t discriminate in terms of color, race, age or boundaries and calling it an emergency or disaster as scientist say is an understatement. The fate of our mother earth is in our hands, and we owe it to our future generations that they can inherit a livable planet. We need to act steadfastly because there is no Planet B to talk about.

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