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Precycling is about reducing waste by avoiding items that will generate it, or selecting certain items that will generate less, or acquiring items that can be reused for something else.It’s just another way to lighten our environmental footprint thatcovers amyriad of possibilities, but being an avid precycler can also save you money too.

Here are things you can do to start precycling:

1. So many magazines and newspapers are now online. While it takes electricity to view them, the amount of energy involved is less than the paper based product, plus there’s nothing to throw out once you’redone reading.Make the Internet part of your paper reduction diet!

2. Plastic wrap is a great invention, but one that haunts us once we’re done with it. Some forms can be recycled, but others wind up in landfill where they’ll slowly decompose for decades if not hundreds of years. A sturdy container with an airtight lid can take the place of plastic wrap in some cases.

3. Choose a product with the least amount of packaging. Store brands and generic brands often use less packaging and will save you money as well.

4. Purchasing rechargeable batteries will keep household hazardous waste out of landfills and save your money. 

5. Try to choose durable, reusable products. Although durable products or long-wearing products may cost more at first, they will save your money in the long run. They save the environment by producing less waste and bring more pleasure to the user with better quality.

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