PMPI Commends Opposition vs Marcos Burial in the Senate no Matter How Few 


We call on Senators to make a critical and independent stand for justice

Marcos may be a hero in another universe. But not here. Not in the hearts of abused and plundered Filipino people. This despite the dismal upper house votes to declare Marcos as unfit for a Heroes' burial.  

Pres. Duterte's decision to allow the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, according to him, is based on no emotion at all. Similarly, this may hold true to the Supreme Court's decision and the Senate's vote.  These individuals, regardless of their position in the government, may have become cold and unaffected in contrast with the victims who have suffered and endured the atrocities of Martial Rule. The Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc., a network of faith-based institutions and rights group, however, will always side with the victims with compassion. (See Ucan India News)

The history of the Philippines during Martial Law can not be changed as the victims of Martial Law lay witness to the atrocities inflicted by the Marcos regime. Millions of Filipinos, our network of 300 CSOs and POs included, are humans with emotions. And these millions of Filipinos are demanding justice. The decision of the President, the highest court of the land, and the Senate, whether based on emotion or not, is not what we believe is right and just. It does not unite this country at all. And it will never help any of us heal. 

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We commend the filing of Resolution No. 86, by Sen. Riza Hontiveros despite odds. Continuing efforts that seek to unite the Senate to take critical, insightful and independent stance in favor of the people should be pursued. We, as a network and human rights advocate from all corners of the country and many corners of the globe, support this kind of actions and efforts from our lawmakers. 

The Libingan ng mga Bayani is no place for Marcos. All of us, with the dead victims of Marcos’ reign, many of whom without markers, will cry out until beyond this lifetime, that the justice for all the dictator's human rights victims be served; and that all the loots he amassed be returned rightfully to the Filipino people.  

We, with our sorrows and wails for justice will shake every pillar, every fabric that holds this nation together if only to make everyone realize that the Marcos family needs to search for the bones of our martyred friends and loved ones and to pray for pardon from the families of all HR victims. Only then can we even begin to talk about whether Marcos deserves forgiveness. Only when justice is served to all the Human Rights victims and the plundered Filipino nation, that moving on can be possible.


“Behavior beyond troubling”:
Network speaks up against PNP violent dispersal

A network of civil society organization calls for swift investigation and sacking of police officers who beat-up and ran over throng of the indigenous peoples, students and activist.

“To say that we are aghast at how brutal and violent the PNP has tried to disperse the protestors in front of the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday, October 19 is an understatement,” the statement of the group said.

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LIGHT A CANDLE FOR PEACE. PMPI, as a member of iDEFEND, calls on respect of human rights during one of its mobilizations against involvement of police on the rise of killings of suspected drug dealers and users. Photo: Candy Lachica

The Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc. (PMPI), a network of NGOs, People's Organization and faith-based groups across the Philippines, on Monday released a statement saying that the behavior of the Philippine National Police in the past months has gone “beyond troubling.”

“How the protesters were treated as they were about to end the mobilization's program has surely has breached any actions that can be humanely justified,” PMPI Convener Arlene Lusterio said. 

The statement demanded explanation why our men and women in uniforms have turned rabidly violent and intolerant to any show of dissent.

“We are concerned that this kind of behavior is bolstered by the President’s assurance that they will never be censured for doing their “job” in the line of duty as well as his public pronouncements giving the police almost a blanket authority to kill the so-called criminals,” PMPI National Coordinator Yoly Esguerra lamented.

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In time for the feast of the saint of the poor and the vulnerable creatures, Saint Francis, and the closing of the Season of Creation, faithfuls took their pets yesterday, October 3, to the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City to be blessed by Most Rev. Deogracias S. Iñiguez, Jr., D.D.

Calls to protect the environment and the biodiversity were also worn both by the pets and their caretakers for the event.

Here are some photos, if you have missed the wonderful celebration.


Do you have pets you wish to be blessed, in time for the Feast of Saint Francis?
Join us tomorrow and celebrate the love of the Saint of the poor and vulnerable creatures.
See you tomorrow at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, along the Q.C. Elliptical Road (between the exits to North and Quezon Avenues). The entrance is across the Tropical Gardens of QC Memorial Circle.
See you there!

Oct 4 Final

 Few reminders:

1. Park gates will open at 7am. Program starts at 7:30am to be followed by a holy mass with blessing of pets and plants at 8am. The mass will be presided by Most Rev. Deogracias S. Iñiguez, Jr., D.D. 
2. If you have a vehicle, parking and entrance is at the North gate. Parking rates apply. Another entrance is located in Quezon Avenue side. Download location map here.
3. Once you get in, please find your way to the Amphitheater. Park admission is free (just for the day).
4. Animal rights organizations will be participating such as Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Welfare Philippines and Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART). PAWS will distribute materials on spay-neuter. Speakers from CARA and PART will talk about animal welfare, responsible pet parenting and compassion for animals.
5. Radio Veritas will set-up their KAPANALIG Booth and Selling of Souvenirs. Hope they will cover our event too.
6. We will be giving away special pet freebies sponsored by Pet One, Inc. and Pet Express.
7. If you will bring your pet/s, please give us a call at 709-4227. We need to submit a list to the park management for clearance purposes. Please bring your pet's leash for safety and legal papers.
8. For media photo ops/gimmick group of pets will be wearing signs/banner with our main call/demands. Some suggestions: Your Home is Our Home, Act Now for Climate Justice, Protect Life, Protect Biodiversity. 

Kate - GCCM
(+632) 709-4227


Rights, peace groups protest rampant killings and remind people of the Martial rule declared 44 years ago; Farmers call to realize SDG 

Networks of civil society groups for human rights and peace, faith-based institutions, and environmental organizations collectively celebrated United Nation’s International Day of Peace and commemorated the 44th year of declaration of Martial Law on September 21.

Anchoring the event, iDefend (In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement) a network of human rights advocates formed amid the rampant killings of suspected drug criminals in the anti-drug campaign under President Rodrigo Duterte, called on the government to uphold human rights for all and respect for the dignity of life.

(Also read: PH Faith Groups Warns Against Rogue Governance | UCAN India)

DSC 4548

ALL HUMAN RIGHTS. Representatives of peace and rights groups take to Plaza Miranda their calls and proposed alternative solutions to drug criminality and compare the crackdown on criminals resulting to rampant killings to the rights abuses during the Martial Law. The groups also observe the International Day of Peace, which is also the day of commemoration of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines in 1972. | Photo: Jerico R. Catalla

Groups converged at Kambal na Simbahan in Bustillos, and proceeded to march towards Plaza Miranda by 2:30 in the afternoon, followed by a mass concelebrated by five priests and lead by Father Nonong Navarro. A program interspersed with speeches and cultural presentations then followed. 

“This day is especially significant for our country since for the last three months, the country has been wracked by government-sponsored violence and lawlessness, by a war the administration has declared, ostensibly against drugs but which has become a war against humanity,” said Ellecer Carlos reading the iDefend statement to the crowd.

Other speakers from several organizations reiterated the demand that Duterte administration put an end to extra-judicial killings: that it should respect human rights and due process, refrain from subverting the separation of powers, and uphold democratic processes instead of curtailing them.

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