In Bicol, organic farming practices do not only make healthy options available to the community. These also make enough food and farm needs for all. Tunay na sapat.

For this, Bicol farmers are this months’ cream of the organic crop.

The Philippine Misereor Partnership, Inc. (PMPI) is pleased to announce the June 2015 winner of Sapat Dapat Lifestyle Contest.

Headed by Bicol Consortium for Development Initiatives Inc. (BCDI), an organization that promotes sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, different organizations of organic farmers have proven that farmers can feed their community without relying on toxic chemicals.

BCDI is a coalition of development organizations and church-based groups across Bicol Region. It has a leading track record on developmental assistance to farmers and other rural community members of Bicol for sustainable livelihood. The benefits cover not just the member organizations, but also the surrounding communities.

One of the projects of BCDI is the Organic Agriculture-based social enterprise for the small farmers. Five municipalities of Bicol are involved: Bato, Camarines Sur, Polangui and Libon in Albay, Castilla and Donsol of Sorsogon.

Started in 2013, the project aims to improve the productivity of farm lands in Bicol to promote food security in the region. Farmer organizations have been strengthened, making them self-sustaining and knowledgeable in sustainable agricultural practices. Farmer organizations have also improved their participation in community decision-making, working hand-in-hand with LGUs. Organic backyard, sustainable table.

SALAD AND POULTRY. Bicol farming organizations raise and promote organic produce, including green-leafy vegetables, poultry products and livestock.


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NOMINATE an individual, group, organization or cluster for the monthly winners!

sapat dapatThe Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. Invites you to join our search for the 1st individual, organization or cluster to be the face of our SAPAT Lifestyle Campaign through the SAPAT DAPAT! Contest.

The contest mechanics are as follows;

1. Member of the PMPI network may NOMINATE an individual, group, organization or cluster for the monthly winners. The nomination is done via the following:

  • Email
  • Text Messaging (after your nomination we will get in touch with you to learn more about the candidate)
  • Facebook Messaging

2. Write us a short message/information on why you are nominating the individual, organization or the cluster.

3. State what practice does the individual, organization or cluster is demonstrating that displays a SAPAT DAPAT! Lifestyle.

4. The secretariat will then inform the individual, organization or the cluster that they have been nominated for the SAPAT DAPAT! Lifestyle and will conduct a short interview via phone, land line or mobile, whichever is convenient.

5. There might be a visit from the communication unit of the PMPI Secretariat to conduct an interview and take photos and/or videos and of the practice.

REMEMBER: The practice can be as simple as recycling or taking care of a small garden in the office. *

There will be monthly winners starting May up until March 2016 (the month of the PMPI General Assembly) Upon nomination, the individual, group, organization or cluster will be judged according to the following:

1. The individual/ organization/ cluster should have a clear definition (it can be through articulation or action) of what SAPAT LIFESTYLE is.


3. Upon winning the monthly contest, the individual/ group/cluster should be ready because the secretariat might conduct a spot check and video documentation of their practice.


If you are not yet practicing or conducting any SAPAT DAPAT! Lifestyle practice but wishes to join or be nominated, you can start having your practice as early as now because this is a year-long event!


Monthly winner will receive the following;

1. Certificate of Recognition for the designated month.

2. One thousand pesos worth of Organic Products from PMPI partner organizations.

3. A story about their organization and their best practice published in PMPI’s website and FB Page. The story will then be part of the ‘SAPAT DAPAT’ Publication.

4. A chance to be 2016’s SAPAT DAPAT Lifestyle Winner.

*Announcement of Winners will be on the last week of the month.


1. SAPAT DAPAT Trophy.

2. A cover story about their organization and their best practice published in PMPI’s website and FB Page. The story will then be part of the ‘SAPAT DAPAT’ Publication.

3. A full video documentary of their organization’s sustainable practice which they can use in the promotion of their organization.

4. Be the FACE of SAPAT DAPAT! LIFESTYLE CAMPAIGN, where in the organization will be given the opportunity to share or present their practice to the network and the public as a successful example of an individual, group, organization or cluster that makes the world a better place through sustainable lifestyle.

You may download the SAPAT DAPAT MECHANICS here.

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