PMPI Launches SoS Diaries

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The issues of the Sites of Struggles of PMPI for the anti-mining campaign seem so distant and insignificant to the most of the urban population especially in the National Capital Region. This norm is reflected in many ways, from the low media pick-up on the issues of mining to the small delegation of urban communities in an anti-mining march in the Metro Manila.  But the urban population has a big stake in the mining industry and much so to the anti-mining campaign. If they will be reached, oriented, and mobilized, this sector can set new directions on how mining should be done in the country.

Recognizing their potential role in rationalizing the mining in the country, PMPI is launching its new initiative, the “SoS Diaries Project”. The project intends to bring people from any walks of life to the SoS for them to experience how it feels like to be at the center of a mining affected community. In turn, the participants will have to talk or share their experiences in various social media platforms like Facebook and possibly their own blogs.  Through this, PMPI aims to reach urban communities who are also mostly reachable in the internet.

Who can apply?

The project is open to men and women, 18 years old and above. Anyone from all walks of life can participate as long as they are interested to visit one of PMPI’s Sites of Struggle and would be willing to share his or her experience on the site through his or her social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, blog and website). Flare to writing is an advantage.

Schedule of visit

The visit to the site is set to happen between August to October 2015 on the proposed date of the visitors and the availability of the community partners. Each of the participants or visitors will stay in the site for at least three days and two nights.

Sites to visit:

  • Kibungan in Benguet
  • Marinduque
  • Manicani Island or Homonhon Island in Eastern Samar
  • Tampakan in South Cotabato
  • Vitali in Zamboanga City
  • Zamboange del Norte


Interested participants shall download the application form here. The accomplished form shall be submitted on or before July 24, 2015 to

To get an application please click here.

Process and criteria for selecting the SoS visitors

PMPI secretariat will conduct the preliminary selection of the applicants based on the accomplished forms and responses on the essays. A special selection committee will handle the screening process. Follow-up calls and interviews shall be made to ensure the availability, inspiration, commitment, and social media reach of the applicants.  The final list of participants will be announced on the first week of August 2015.

Roles of the SoS Visitors

  • An orientation to the visitors will be made to ensure that they understand their roles and contribution in the project to wit:
  • Provide correct background information and contact details
  • Inform PMPI secretariat about their health and special conditions that shall be considered in planning and their actual visit in the site.
  • The visitors shall stay in the recommended lodging area or sponsor families identified by PMPI local partners or Focal Organizations.
  • The visitors are not allowed to travel outside the schedule and the prescribe locations or places to visit.
  • The visitors, at the minimum, shall prepare two Facebook post and two blog entries about the travel.
  • The visitor shall prepare his or her narrative report about the travel in a diary form.
  • A waiver shall be signed by the visitors to out hold PMPI liable to incidences outside the control of the organization

Responsibilities of PMPI

  • PMPI shall take care of all the expenses related to the visit but limited only to the following: airfares, local transportation, meals, accommodation, minimal communication allowance and first aid kit.
  • PMPI shall identify one host organization and family per site. The host organization and family shall ensure the safety of the visitors and facilitate his or her itinerary.
  • PMPI shall prepare the itinerary of the visitors, travel arrangements, and other related requirements
  • PMPI shall also provide travel insurance to all the visitors

Rules and other provisions

  • The visitors provide rights to PMPI to share, print, and use their respective posts and on line articles related to the project
  • Except for the Facebook post, web page or blog entries, the narrative report is for exclusive use of PMPI. The visitors may use it for other purposes, but such has to be in agreement with PMPI.
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