Statements & Press Releases


On 24 June 2015, we published a press release entitled “Eastern Visayas youth speaks against mining violence” concerning an incident that took place in Eastern Samar on 22 June 2015 involving Hinatuan Mining Corporation (“HMC”) and certain residents and fisherfolk of the area. In said article, we made the following statement:

Something is to be said when a mining firm intentionally ran over small boats of the fisherfolks of Manicani of the second time. The first was only last December, with similar intent; to haul heavy equipment into the island and continue their mining operation.

The above-quoted paragraph was based on reports from one of our local partner organizations, the Save Manicani Movement (“SAMAMO”), together with the residents of the area. It was not intended to be conclusion of fact. Further, any confusion on its interpretation is not intentional.

With that said, we remain firm and steadfast in our commitment to support the advocacy and common action against the negative impacts of mining. We will continue to pursue our purpose of providing a platform for dialogue and common action for our partners in various regions of the Phillipines.